What Is at the Heart of Dark traits Like Narcissism?

At the very very core of dark triad personalities like narcissism, is a deep rooted sense of self-loathing.

That’s right, narcissists hate themselves about as much as anyone can hate anything. And with self-hatred, comes the close sibling – shame. Narcissists have a deep rooted sense of shame as well.

Because narcissists are unable to process these feelings in a healthy way, and because narcissists do not take responsibility or accountability for their own shortcomings or failures, they don’t want to own up to their problems.

So, instead of accepting these feelings as their own, instead of accepting they have problems which should be worked on, they make such problems the world’s problems.

By relinquishing any sense of accountability for themselves, they set into a motion a series of toxic tornados designed to created chaos, drama, and turmoil to those around.

As the narcissist watches the destruction unfold, chaos and drama all around them, they don’t feel so bad anymore. A homely feeling now abounds.

Those who roam on the dark side, like to cast pupil-dilating shade all around them.


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