Faceless Love

Mother and Daughter

Faceless People

Faceless people, how beautiful are we?
Not anyone’s eyes can ever see–
Our faceless faces, out of sight.
Disguised with freedom to write!

Faceless people, no mouth, yet with a voice.
No eyes, yet can see, and follow choice.
With hands to write down all our say,
That may see the light of day.

Faceless people, we can shout our faint cries;
Without being judged by just our guise.
Without a face, we can escape–
The horror they try to shape.

Faceless people, let’s burn our old faces,
Let’s be unknown through all the places.
No need for blood, no need for tears,
No need for despair nor fears!

Faceless people, how beautiful are we?
Judged by just our personality,
Our words, our dreams, our soul, our heart–
Faceless people, we’re the start.


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