Shame and Guilt. What’s the difference?

Shame and guilt are two distinct emotions that are often confused with each other. The main difference between shame and guilt is their focus: shame is focused on the self, while guilt is focused on the behavior. Shame is an intense feeling of discomfort, humiliation, or self-disgust that arises from the belief that one hasContinue reading “Shame and Guilt. What’s the difference?”


Young widow in black,no stranger to roses…vows won’t bring him back,Death never supposes. No stranger to rosesplaced atop graves,Death never supposes…with scythe- he enslaves. Placed atop graves,life’s hourglass rests.With scythe- he enslaves,oh; so many arrests! Life’s hourglass rests,vows won’t bring him back.Oh, so many arrests…young widow in black.

Why are wives of narcissists treated the most cruel? Especially behind closed doors?

The long term spouse of a narcissist is the ultimate doormat. The ultimate cushion to the narcissist’s own inner rage, turmoil, and chaos, and the purpose of the cushion is to absorb blow after blow, to prevent the narcissist’s own demise. The narcissist is a self-destructive beast, and the only thing that prevents the narcissistContinue reading “Why are wives of narcissists treated the most cruel? Especially behind closed doors?”

What Is at the Heart of Dark traits Like Narcissism?

At the very very core of dark triad personalities like narcissism, is a deep rooted sense of self-loathing. That’s right, narcissists hate themselves about as much as anyone can hate anything. And with self-hatred, comes the close sibling – shame. Narcissists have a deep rooted sense of shame as well. Because narcissists are unable toContinue reading “What Is at the Heart of Dark traits Like Narcissism?”